Dog is man’s best friend

Everybody knows that dog is a best and loyal friend one can ever have they teach us a love, compassion, loyalty, and happy life.

I got “Yoda” when he was 35 days old and right from that day everything changed in a very positive way. He’s growing up too fast which makes me happy but at the same time I miss his cute little face.

He changed my life completely, he made me organized which I was bad at he made me time punctal he’s my world now I prefer spending my weekend with him rather then clubbing. He makes me run at times but he also knows when am upset.

I am happy that Yoda chose us because they say you don’t choose a dog, but dog chooses you ♥️

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First sight love!

Phone ringing! She answered “Hello”  voice from otherside “Hello it’s me, can we meet” she replied ” Hmm… yes sure at what time” reply from other side ” see you at 6.30 will be waiting”. She hangs up, starts getting ready thinking it is a first casual meeting and did not even  care about what she was wearing.

All of sudden it’s starts to drizzle, cursing the weather she goes ahead and meets him. A little guilty feeling for not dressing nicely still managed saying to herself that “smile and be confident”.

Between the talks and smiles she lost control over her heart and fell in love with him which she was aware of. Thinking about all the possibilities she questioned her self “how can this happen” but later she realised that it’s love it cannot be controlled nor denied.

Little Child

There’s this little child who is  jumping out of excitement, laughing outburstly, crying on silly things, screaming aloud, punching in stomach, playing with mud and puddles, dreaming of touching sky and waving hand side to side.

Being innocent is the charm, beneath the thick skin you find this wrapped up. Unwrap it and you can see the little child flying high up above the sky.